A ship chandler is a retail dealer in special supplies or equipment for ships. For traditional sailing ships items that could be found in a chandler might include: rosin, turpentine, tar, pitch (resin), linseed oil, whale oil, tallow, lard, varnish, twine, rope and cordage, hemp, oakum, tools (hatchet, axe, hammer, chisel, planes, lantern, nail, spike, boat hook, caulking iron, hand pump, marlinspike), brooms, mops, galley supplies, leather goods, and paper. Today's ship chandlers deal more in goods typical for fuel-powered commercial ships, such as oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers. They supply the crew's food, ships maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, paint, rope, et cetera.Their speciality is the high level of service available and the short time required to fill and deliver their special orders. Because commercial ships discharge and turn around quickly today, delay is expensive and the services of a dependable ship chandler are urgent.


Maurya Group Ltd (Ship Chandlers, Marine Chandlery) has, since the company’s incorporation, remained loyal to its core values and beliefs in the way that the business is operated. At Maurya Group Ltd we firmly believe that ship-stores must be a trusted partnership between us and our customers. With an invaluable wealth of ships-stores experience and knowledge, the company always aims to achieve the highest standard in service to all our customers. That is why Maurya Group Ltd has gained its place as one of the most recognized and trusted names in the UK marine-supply industry.

At Maurya Group Ltd (Ship Chandlers, Marine Chandlery) we understand that no matter how small or large the customer’s requirement, the same care and professionalism must be taken every time as we know the importance of delivering a first class ship-supply service. That is our business, that is what we understand, and that is why we are the leading UK independent ship supplier.

  • Dedicated one-stop supplier to the marine and offshore industry
  • Supply to 100% of UK ports
  • Complete range of stores and services
  • Logistics-service tailored to each customs requirement
  • Over 100 years of expertise and knowledge at your fingertips
  • Marine spares service world-wide





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